*Creamy Delight Hair Butter/ Curly Me Hair Pudding

(Creamy Delight hair butter- "This was my favorite product to test. It not only made my hair so soft and smooth and buttery feeling. The excess I rubbed into my hands made my hands feel so smooth without a tacky oil feel.") (Curly me Hair pudding- " tested this pudding out on a single braid in my head since I planned to cornrow the rest of my hair for my wigs. I wanted to see how it would make my hair look/feel and the hair has a soft hold to it but is defined soft, and smooth upon taking out today after it has air dried overnight")

*Rejuvenator Hair Serum/Hair Elixir-

(Hair Elixir- The Hair Elixir smells so good to me it almost has like a minty chocolate scent not overbearing though and a little of this goes a long way. Used a little on freshly co-washed hair to seal and it made my hair extremely soft. This was one of my favorites, like top three products to test")

*Shampoo Bar - Back to the Land/Just Butter

( Back to the land- "I used this shampoo bar to cleanse my hairline of gels and edge controls that I use during the week and it got every bit of build up out without causing any dryness to my hair and scalp. It actually made my hairline pretty shiny and softer than normal. It smells great as well."

*Body Butter/Body & Facial Lotion

(Burst of Sunshine Body butter- " Decided to use this after using the Lavender Scrub on my lips and what a great combination. My lips were smooth and moisturized after using this. I also used some on my face and eyebrows after hair removal and gentle exfoliation and my skin felt rejuvenated and had a beautiful glow that I love. This was my second favorite product being that I love citrus scents and it moisturized so well." *Sugar Scrub - Lavender Fields/CoConut- (Lavender fields- " I used this scrub for my lips to get off dead skin and it worked well made my lips soft and silky feeling and they smelled pleasant, Lavender is one of my favorite scents as well."

*Facial & Body soaps- (African black soap

"This soap cleansed my hands of all oils and dirt very well also didn't feel as drying as other black soap brands I have tried in the past") (oats and honey soothing gentle exfoliating soap- (This soap didn't agree well with my facial skin but I did not try on my body so it make work for others. When used in combination with my spinning facial brush it made my face burn and itch." (Lady in pink Body soap- " has a very rich smooth lather that didn't strip my skin yet still made it feel squeaky clean. Has a delightful rose scent."


Creamy Delight Hair Butter/ Curly Me Hair Pudding

The butter and pudding have a very nice smell. Tried just a dime size of the product and it went along way. I have 3b/4a hair. Kept my hair moisturize as I need it living in Las Vegas.

Leave Me-N Detangling Spray

I love this detangling spray. I have searched for a product like this that will moisturize as well as detangle. Once I sprayed it in I was able to run the comb right through my hair. Also has a nice smell and left my hair feeling soft.

Shampoo Bar - Back to the Land/Just Butter

This was my first time using a shampoo bar and I must say I love it. The bar gave me a nice rich lather and left my hair feeling soft. Also has a really nice smell.

Body Butter/Body & Facial Lotion

I absolutely adore the Wake Up Facial and Body Cream. It left my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized all day. I live in Vegas and the weather are horrible. This cream stood up to the challenge and passed.

Sugar Scrub - Lavender Fields/Coconut

I loved this sugar scrub. Very nice smell and left my skin feeling nice and smooth.

Facial & Body soaps

The Lemongrass body soap is awesome. Has a very nice lather, nice smell and also left my skin very moisturized. The Coconut milk, ginger, pears body/facial soap was also nice. Very rich lather. I can see myself purchasing this soap. The African Black Soap is my favorite. I have been searching for a good ABS and I believe I have found it. Once I was done washing my face it felt so clean. Other soaps leave my face feeling dry but not this one. I'm in love with this ABS.

Raquel Binns

Back to the land shampoo:

This product surprised me, it lathered really well and was easy to spread the product, it was just difficult to get all areas of my hair due to the length of my hair.(received just a tester piece)

Hair Elixir:

I loved this product! It smelled great, was easy to apply, and kept my scalp moisturized for days. Best scalp product I've used!

Leave Me-N detangling leave in conditioning spray:

This product is so light weight in my hair and gives just the right of moisture. Smells so good and left my hair so soft and manageable.

Creamy Delight Hair Butter:

This product smells like a tropical island, so amazing! I didn't need to use an excess amount of this product to moisturize my hair, very light and easy to work through.

Curly Me Hair Pudding:

I love how my curls looked and felt after using this product! My curls were defined, but not held down. I had playful curls full of volume. I really love how this product tames frizz without leaving my hair flat, my hair felt so light and natural.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint soap

Smelled amazing and lathered well, such a refreshing scent.

Lavender Dream Sugar Scrub:

I loved the way this product smelled, and how gently it scrubbed away my dead skin. My skin felt so fresh and renewed after.

Lemongrass Soap:

This soap was very easy to lather and smells so sweet! Thanks again!

Raquel Binns

*Creamy Delight Hair Butter/ Curly me Hair Pudding:

Using these products on my 4c hair type has been heaven sent! My hair has stayed moisturized for DAYS! It smells GREAT! No sticky residue! The fact i can rub the rest in my hands is awesome! The curly Pudding is amazing! Gives my curls LIFE! Great blends of natural oils! My hair is softer than it has ever been!

*Leave Me In Detangling Spray:

I've used this on my 2 year old after washing with the shampoo bar. The smell is GREAT! She did not flinch one bit! I worked the conditioning spray through her hair, she has very course coily hair as well, worked the butter and pudding in! Held the moisture in for days! I can throw away ALL of the other brands! Finally something that WORKS!

*Rejuvenator Hair Serum:

My 9y old daughter loves this!! It made her hair so soft after a hot oil treatment! Locked in the moisture! as our hair soaks up oils like a desert needing water! The transition from hair to body is also a plus! No product going to waste! Once again the smell is phenomenal!!

*Shampoo Bar (just butter):

I love it! Its Convenient! No mess! The lather is my favorite part! Leaves your hair soft and clean! Following the steps after wash to lock in the moisture is a MUST! Not like any other shampoos I have used! Smells great!

*Lotion Bar(Secret Crush):

O M G!!!! I LOVE this lotion bar!!! The smell is nothing I've smelled before! It lasts so long! Even after a few washes of the hands! I wish my hands A LOT! My hands are so much softer! I;m upset it was only a sample! I've had my husband compliment on how good it smells! It's his favorite too! LOVE LOVE This product!!!

*Sugar Scrub (lavender):

I love scrubs! This is by far the BEST! Follow with a good wash of the hands/body helps hydrate and eliminate the dryness! Not rough on the skin!

*Facial Soap (Honey Bee Mine)/Body Soap(lemongrass):

I have oily skin! Using the facial soap has been great! The smell is subtle. I have noticed my face has not been as oily, skin is really soft. Lemongrass soap lather is great! You don't need to lather much of the suds to form! I love the smell! Great blending! Skin is soft after a shower! Complete with the lotion bar even better!


Creamy Delight Hair Butter/Curly Me Hair Pudding

This product definitely enhanced my curls and smell and consistency is excellent. i must purchase this product, my hair looks and feel great.

Leave Me N-Detangling and Conditioning Spray.

My hair is very thick and this product did not detangle well.

Rejuvenator Hair Serum

I love this product. It adds shine and eliminates frizzy hair. Smell great!! I must purchase.

Shampoo Bar

Excellent fragrance and my hair feels squeaky clean.

Lotion Bar-Secret Crush

Excellent product rejuvenated my skin. I used it on my lips too.

Sugar Scrub

This product left my skin feeling like silk

Facial & Body soap

OMG!! These soaps are EVERYTING. The fragrance is magnificent.


1. Creamy Delight Hair Butter/Curly Me Hair Pudding-

Both of these products smell AMAZING! I loved the consistency of both but I have to say that the hair pudding was my favorite! It has a creamier texture than the butter and was extremely moisturizing. The butter was good but did not have the same consistency. I think the pudding has a better fragrance. I would definitely use the pudding again on my hair and even my body.

2. Leave Me N Detangler-

I wasn't really able to give an accurate review on this because I had a difficult time getting the sample bottle to spray and there was not enough for my thick hair. It smells great though!

3. Hair serum/Elixir-

I didn't notice anything spectacular about this one other than the smell and it is not sonething that would weigh down my hair.

4. Shampoo bar-

This was my first try at a shampoo bar. It took me awhile to get a good lather from because of the sample size and thickness of my hair. I expected my hair to be dry after use, assuming because it was a soap, but it wasn't! It left my hair feeling soft, like it had been conditioned.

5. Lotion bar-

I loved this one! Smelled so good and was very moisturizing!

Body butter-

The body butter is a great product! It was not greasy and I loved the consistency. As with the other products, smells like heaven!

7. Sugar scrub

Oh my goodness! This immediately became one of my favorites! First of all, I am not a huge fan of the lavender scent but this one smelled sooo good! I used it on my hands and cuticles. The scrub itself was very invigorating and I could tell there was some kind of moisturizing agent after I rinsed it off. I would love to have this as a staple product to keep my hands looking good!

8. Facial/Body soap-

Another favorite! My skin felt so soft after use and the lovely fragrance lasted well after use in the shower. Did not dry my skin either!

Thank you for allowing to participate in this! This company has some wonderful products!

ButterMEssentials Product Tester Review

Tester: A Hicks

January 9, 2018




Creamy Delight Hair Butter/

Curly Me Hair Pudding

Wonderful scent, thick and rich, left hair feeling soft


Leave Me N-Detangling and Conditioning Spray

Wonderful scent, worked as advertised-softened and conditioned hair, aided detangling process


Rejuvenator Hair Serum

Wonderful scent, soothing to the scalp, relieved some of the irritation I was having and helped with dryness


Shampoo Bar

Thick, rich lather, wonderful scent


Body Butter & Facial Lotion

Very moisturizing, wonderful scent, a little went a long way


Sugar Scrub (CoConut)

Very moisturizing, worked well on hands and left them feeling nice and soft. Love the fragrance!


Facial/Body Soaps

Thick, rich lather, very nice fragrance, did not leave my skin feeling dry like many soaps do after bathing. Not irritating (a plus!)


Overall experience with these tester samples was very positive. The only con would be that I ran out of most of the items in the sample sizes, but I will be purchasing some of them as soon as I can! I especially loved the hand soaps, lotion and sugar scrub-I love softening my skin, and will make good use of the sugar scrub on hands and feet, following up with the lotion for added softness and a luxurious feel. I appreciate the richness of the shampoo bar and facial/body soaps. They seemed to last well, and even the sample size got me through a shower with no issues, which is rare at that size! The hair pudding helped give me a nice hold for my twist-out, and did not leave my hair feeling super oily, but kept it feeling soft. Thank you for the opportunity to test your line! I really enjoyed the products I received.