About our products:
We make handmade hair, bath & body products for women, men, and children.  Our products are for all. All of our products speak for itself, your hair and skin will just love our products. our treats just nourish you from head to toe.  We make no promises that our products will change the texture of your hair or skin, but one thing we know that you will feel the softness of your hair and the manageability that you will receive.  Bath and body products are made to make your skin feel silky. Our customers rave about our products.  Our product focus is on the nourishment of the hair and skin. We know you will enjoy our treats. 
About our company

ButterMEssentials is a family owned company run by the Mrs. Negesti Pinnock and her husband and partner Vayden Pinnock.  How was ButterMEssentials birth?  Our company started 2009. The mixtress (Negesti Pinnock)  having natural hair since the age of 16 love her natural hair and promised that when she had children they too will love their natural hair.  Using products that were made with petroleum, mineral oils in her hair and daughters she realized that their hair was not striving and had lots of build up.  Using harsh shampoos to wash her hair and her daughters.  There hair feeling dry and striped she said that there has to be a better way to take care of their hair.  Through much trial and error, she developed a hair care line.  She also developed skin care products was also nourishing to the skin especially for those with sensitive skin.

While friends and family raved about how her hair and her girls at how it looked and feel, they started to ask for some of her products.  Her husband and partner (Vayden Pinnock) and friends encouraged her to share her treats with the public.  They started doing free natural hair boot camps and teaching woman and teens how to take care of their natural hair the right way. Joining the ButterMEssentials family is now 4 girls and 1boy.  
ButterMEssentials products are loaded with butter, natural oils and lovely fragrances (such as essential oils and other fragrances).  We specialize in hair butter, hair elixirs, non-sulfate shampoo bars, non-sulfate shampoos and conditioners, herbal hair moisturizing spritz, lotion bars, body butter, luxury handmade soaps. Our products are for women, men, and even children. We do not use parabens, petroleum, mineral oil only nourishing products. We also mix our products with Aloe Vera, natural extracts, herbal infusions, products used for healing the body. As our motto says, You Deserve to be Buttered.