About our products:
ButterMEssentials is a family owned and operated company run by Me Mrs. Negesti Pinnock and her husband and business partner Vayden Pinnock.  How was ButterMEssentials birthed?  We were inspired to start making products in 2009.  Having worn natural hair since the age of 16 and loving my natural hair,  I promised God when I had children especially girls, they too would love, wear & enjoy their natural hair.  We realized early that using products that were made with petroleum, mineral oils in my hair and my daughters hair was the reason why my hair was not striving; as we had lots of build up which was hard to manage.  My second daughter's  hair would often break my blow dryers in half and she would also cry.  Using harsh shampoos to wash my hair and my daughters I realized both of our hair was getting worst under the current treatment program.  My daughters’ hair would feel dry and striped; I said that there has to be a better way to take care of their hair. I went to work one day and a co-worker gave me a magazine that was introduced me to natural Hair care, which I had no idea about at this time because my hair was already natural. I brought the first product that was in the magazine in their website and said to myself this product has to work because I saw the before and after pictures of the children. Trying the product on my first daughter and following the directions, her hair was worst than we started.  I started to do a little more research on the natural hair care products that I had purchased to find out that they too had in petroleum and mineral oils. Having a dream one night I saw all these oils and butters on my kitchen island.
 I immediately woke up out of my dream and wrote down what I saw that evening. However, when all of the raw material came I had no clue what to do. why wouId I; as I have a degree in early childhood education not chemistry.  I must thank God for downloading the knowledge to make the first product, which was a hair butter.  This product was put in my second daughter hair and it was such a blessing to know that I was given a formula that actually worked.  The comb went right through my daughters hair and there was no crying or fussing.  We started to give away this butter to parents with little girls and black woman and woman of other races that was having hair problems. Soon after registered & trademark our company in the calendar of 2013. Now the dream that was given has now become a reality. The hair butter that never had a name now is known as Creamy Delight Hair butter and the company name is ButterMEssentials. We have added many more products to our catalog and ButterMEssentials lives and operates by their  model "You Deserve To Be Buttered."